Why You Should Visit Port Isabel, TX

Port Isabel is a small town in Texas that offers many opportunities for family vacations and fun getaways with friends. There are three local beaches, the scenic bike trail, and fishing expeditions waiting to be discovered! You can also enjoy many outdoor activities such as kayaking or horseback riding.  The options are endless when it comes to having a good time in Port Isabel!


There are three different beaches in Port Isabel where you could enjoy swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. The most popular beach is the Harbordale Beach which has over two miles to bike and watch dolphins swim right next to you! If you’re interested in trying something new, then visiting the nearby South Padre Island Border Patrol Training Center is a must. You can get up close and personal with some of their coast guard dogs to see how they are trained!


You can cycle 27 miles on the scenic bike trail.  This is a good way to see the lovely homes and countryside of Port Isabel. If you’re feeling brave, head out to the Laguna Salada Sea Shore for an adventurous bicycle ride.

Take a Dip

There are three local beaches that you can enjoy in Port Isabel: Laguna Salada Sea Shore, Mission Beach East-River Road Beach, or Jalova Wolf Bayou.  Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!


Head out on a fishing expedition with one of Port Isabel’s fishing captains. They have all the gear you’ll need at your disposal including rods, reels, bait, coolers, tackle boxes and safety equipment.


Want to catch some great waves? Port Isabel has local surfing spots that are perfect for beginners, or if you’re an expert surfer then the waves in this area are just what you need! You can always rent a board from one of their local surf shops.

Adventure Sports

Try skydiving in Port Isabel. Skydiving is extreme, but it’s a great adrenaline rush. You can also go skydiving year-round in Port Isabel.

Family Vacations

Whether you want to spend some time exploring the area or just relaxing, Port Isabel is the perfect place for a family vacation. There are many fun activities for kids to do here including the Laguna Salada Sea Shore, the Port Isabel Lighthouse Museum, or even spending some time at one of the local beaches.


If you’re looking for a small town in Texas with incredible views, Port Isabel is the perfect place to visit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to having fun here – from biking on scenic bike trails or fishing off of one of their three local beaches, there’s something for everyone! And if that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve included some pictures below so you can see what this beautiful little town has to offer. Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to check out all these amazing attractions while visiting!