Reasons You Should Visit Port Isabel, Texas

Port Isabel is a small coastal town with everything you need to have an unforgettable vacation. It’s just 35 miles southeast of the Texas border, and it features two communities-Port Isabel and South Padre Island. In Port Isabel, be sure to check out the historic buildings, museums, incredible seafood restaurants, golf courses and more! If you’re visiting from abroad or from outside of Texas in general, this is a perfect place for you to experience the Lone Star State in all its glory.

Port Isabel Historical Museum

The Port Isabel Historical Museum is a must see for visitors to the city. It’s located in the center of Port Isabel and they have three distinct exhibits: history, science and maritime heritage. The museum is open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. 

Treasures of the Gulf Museum

The Museum is located in Port Isabel, Texas. The museum has a variety of exhibits that highlight the rich culture and heritage of the gulf coast region. There are over 3,000 pieces on display at the museum. The exhibitions vary from archeological artefacts to ethnic badges to modern day fishing equipment.

Seafood Restaurants in Port Isabel

One of the best parts about visiting Port Isabel is that you can enjoy quality seafood dishes at a number of different restaurants throughout town. Some of the most popular eateries include Grandpa’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, which specializes in fresh seafood and other delicacies, and Capt’n Ron’s Seafood & Steakhouse where you can get the best steak in town.

Brazos del Dios Municipal Golf Course

Just 20 minutes away from Port Isabel is the Brazos del Dios Municipal Golf Course. This nine-hole course offers lush green fairways and pristine surroundings for golfers to relax and play. It’s a great course for beginners or people looking to improve their skills and they even offer special rates and discounts if you’re visiting from outside of Texas.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

The Port Isabel Lighthouse was built in 1902 and is still operational today. The light is visible from up to 12 miles out and is an important landmark for mariners. During World War II, the lighthouse was used by the US Army to help guide troops safely into South Padre Island. The light can be seen from Port Isabel’s historic downtown area and is a popular photo spot.


If you’re visiting the area, be sure to explore the historic buildings and museums of Port Isabel. You’ll also find some incredible seafood restaurants if you make your way over to South Padre Island. If golf is more your style, stop by one of these three courses-Padre Oaks Golf Course, Rio Vista Country Club or Royal Oaks Country Club. These are just a few of many reasons to love this coastal town that’s only about 35 miles southeast of the Texas border! It doesn’t matter what brings you here because there will always be something for everyone in Port Isabel!