Must-Do Activities in Laguna Vista, Texas

Laguna Vista is a small town in Texas. It’s the perfect place for someone who wants to enjoy outdoor activities, or just relax on the beach with a good book. However, there are so many things to do in Laguna Vista! A person could spend weeks exploring every single event the town has to offer without running out of new experiences.

Beaches and Waterparks

Corpus Christi Beach is a great place for people who love the ocean. It’s a popular spot for surfing, sailing, and fishing. There are also many different types of shops and restaurants where you can stop after a day out on the water. It’s not as busy as other parts of Corpus Christi, so it’s a great place for those who want to escape from the city or enjoy some time by themselves.

Corpus Christi’s Waterfront Park is another great place to get away from the city! Many people go here for picnics or barbecues. There are also lots of concerts and festivals that take place near this park, so if you’re looking for something to do on the weekend, check out what’s going on at this park!

Biking and Hiking

Boca Chica State Park is a great place to go biking! There are over 26 miles of trails that wind through the woods and along the coastline. This is also a popular place for bird watchers because there are many different types of birds that come here. While you’re biking, keep your eyes out for some of these birds!

There are many different things you can do at Mustang Island! It’s a great place for someone who loves to go hiking or biking because there are trails through the dunes and along the coast. Many people also like to go to the beach and have a picnic or just enjoy the sun. The visitors center on Mustang Island has a great little museum, too.

Surfing and Fishing

Located along the coast of Laguna Vista, there are many different activities at Padre Island National Seashore. You can go swimming in the ocean, or enjoy a nice day of fishing. There are also many different types of animals in the area, from sea turtles and pelicans to alligators and buffalo! This national seashore is a great place for a family vacation because there’s something fun to do for everyone.


Laguna Vista is a beautiful and diverse destination- perfect for people of all ages, interests, and levels. There’s something to do here no matter what time of year it is! Whether you are looking for the peace that only nature can provide or an adventure with friends on the water, Laguna Vista has something special waiting just for you. Come visit us soon to experience why so many others have made this their home away from home.