Demographics of Laguna Vista, Texas

Laguna Vista is a small town in the middle of Texas. Twelve thousand and eight hundred and forty-four people call it home. It’s situated at the junction of US Hwy 281 and FM Road 2888, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. The school system is excellent for children to attend, fulfilling their educational needs with high test scores year after year.

Laguna Vista has an active population that enjoys many activities and attractions throughout the town and surrounding communities. A few of these activities include hiking, boating, 4H clubs, arts and crafts, and much more!


There are many diverse cultures in the town of Laguna Vista, Texas because it is populated with people from different backgrounds. The population consists of people of Mexican origin who immigrated to the United States for work opportunities, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and Vietnamese refugees. The town is also home to a large number of American-born generation migrant Hispanic children.

Twenty-nine percent of the population in Laguna Vista are below the age of 18 while four percent are over the age of 65. On average, most people live to be about 66 years old, which is an average life expectancy for males and females living in the United States. The majority of individuals who live here are at the prime of their careers and working age.


The school system in Laguna Vista is one of the best districts in Texas. With an excellent level of education, it has provided for students to be successful in their studies. The perception of the district is that they are dedicated to ensuring that the children are excited about learning, and they provide them with resources to do so.

One of the biggest benefits offered in the district is the bilingual education program which provides for English language development in young children. This has helped to prepare these children for life outside of Laguna Vista. Students enrolled within the bilingual education program have outscored their counterparts on standardized tests by a margin of 6-to-1 on average.


Laguna Vista, Texas has an impressive economic profile. This community offers a variety of industries to explore such as construction, ranching and farming, and manufacturing.

The most common types of jobs in this community include office and administrative support positions at nineteen percent, sales at 15 percent, and food preparation and serving related occupations at 10 percent. In total, the working population in Laguna Vista makes up 46 percent of the total population in this town.


Laguna Vista is a small town with rolling hills and an excellent school system. The population of 12,844 makes it easy to get to know your neighbors if you’re looking for that kind of community feel. If you are considering moving into the area or want more information on what Laguna Vista has to offer, reach out! We’ll be happy to help answer any questions about demographics in Laguna Vista, Texas.