Cold Stunned Sea Turtles

Cold Stunned Sea Turtles

This past week, as temperatures dropped, thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles were pulled from both the waters and shores of the Laguna Madre in an effort to rehabilitate them from their stunned state and safely return them to their natural habitat once the water had warmed again. Many members of the community witnessed these turtles washed ashore, and took matters into their own hands, locating and rescuing these endangered sea creatures in any way possible.

Turtles that were collected by the public were then taken to Sea Turtle Inc. where they were cared for through the cold-storm. On February 21st, over 2,000 of these turtles were able to be released back into the water. Check out Sea Turtle Inc’s release video below!

Sea Turtle Release

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Annual Housing Reports 2020

Annual Housing Reports 2020

Wondering what our local market looked like throughout 2020? Here’s an update! Through the difficult times, many remembered how important it is to live a life they love, to enjoy everything around them, and what better place to do that than the beach? Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of what these numbers mean for YOU? Give us a call!

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The Sky Is The Limit

SpaceX SN9

Blog Spot 2-4-21

The addition of SpaceX to deep South Texas has been absolutely thrilling. With each new adventure they undertake, locals and visitors alike, are keeping their eyes peeled. Yesterday, SpaceX’s unmanned SN9 launched and ascended approximately 10 kilometers before returning to the ground in another crash landing. Now, the stage is set for SN10, as many are hoping to witness a successful upright landing soon.

SN9 Launch

Laguna Boulevard Reconstruction

Laguna Boulevard Reconstruction

Blog Spot 1-28-21

South Padre Island Public Works has announced that they will be undergoing a project to reconstruct Laguna Boulevard starting in early 2022. They are currently at 30% completion in the design process but are always looking for the insight of the community. The proposed design hopes to include a bike lane, extended sidewalks, and additional parking. They have an in person meeting that will also be available to attend virtually, to discuss further. They also have an online survey available for this project and value your input. Check the link below for these resources and to stay up to date on the decisions and timelines for this project!

Laguna Blvd Project